Take a guess at the amount of emails you receive a day. Now, think about the amount you delete without even opening. The same can be said about mail, promotional items, and whatever else your company uses to send information to your clients.

There is so much information pushed in everyone’s face in today’s market that it is more overwhelming than useful. We pick and choose what it is we want to pay attention to and the rest goes straight into the trash without a second glance.

So the question is how to make your company’s marketing and promotions stand out to your consumers? It isn’t enough to send out an email or hand out a promotional item with your logo on it anymore. Instead, it is time to begin using a new type of marking where the consumer is just as much a partner in the marketing process as you are.

This method of marketing is Cross Media Marketing and it allows consumers to Opt-Into a discussion and receive more information about companies that show benefit to them. Today a company has to be social enough to create the conversation with the consumer, because no longer is it a one way conversation. With Cross Media Marketing, the consumer is playing an active role in the marketing process.

When a consumer Ops-In to receive more information they are genuinely interested in receiving the e-blasts, promotional items, mail, and any other branded messages your company wishes to send out. This will lead to healthier relationships with your clients, and in the end it is not just about one business transaction, but that relationship.

To make sure you are reaching your customers in an effective way, you need to communicate in the way your consumer chooses to communicate. This means reaching out to them through the use of different mediums. Cross Media Marketing will ensure those that are interested will receive information about your company, and will offer them a chance to spread the word to others who may also be interested as well.

More than just connecting with your clients, Cross Media Marketing can show measurable return on your investment. This method of marketing is proven to keep your company fresh in your clients mind and will keep your information out of the trash.