Despite the fact that you should never judge a book by its cover, you should really make sure your cover looks nice. No, I’m not talking about a cover letter or having a leather portfolio or anything like that. I’m talking about what you wear in the work place. Because there is a big difference between showing up in sweats and the shirt you slept in last night, to actually adhering to the company’s dress policy. A very important lesson especially for the millennial work force beginning to occupy more and more jobs in the industry, work is not college. This means you do not roll out of bed at the last minute and just shrug and show up wearing your pajamas. Much like the phrase of old, it takes work to look presentable for work.

Let us start with the supposedly plainly obvious stuff that still needs to be mentioned. Never under any circumstances think that it is OK to show up to your work place wearing ripped jeans. It may seem obvious but shockingly this is a lesson some people of my generation could still use some reminding of. Equally important is that you should never wear clothes that have not been washed. As stated previously this is not a college environment, it may have worked then but never for a moment think you can get away with wearing the same shirt three days in a row.

In terms of clothes that actually qualify as business casual, there are two ways to identify those. You can observe what the culture of the company you are working in is, i.e. what other people are wearing, or you can simply google business casual clothes. For guys business casual is typically khakis with some kind of collared shirt, it can be solid or patterned the choice is yours. For women the typical business casual outfit could be dress pants or khakis with a top that goes with it. Heels are welcome but I’d recommend checking to see if your job involves lots of walking before making that choice. For all options, your clothes should be ironed and not wrinkly, again a supposedly obvious fact that still needs to be stated. At the end of the day, wear the kinds of clothes your coworkers are wearing, and you will fit in quickly at your place of employment.