So you want to hand out a promotional item to promote your business. You select your item, you hand it out, but you are underwhelmed by the results. What went wrong? Everything!

The correct promotional item once handed out, can get you noticed, build relationships, increase sales and drive you revenue! But first you must make sure that your promotional items match and advance your marketing strategy by asking yourself the following questions.

What is your Objective: An effective promotional handout should be objective focused. Ask yourself what is your desired goal? Is it to launch a new product or service, to reach a new market, or to increase sales of existing product or service?

Who is Your Target Market: Who are you trying to reach? How old are they? What is their job function? Are they tech savvy? Are they male or female or both? Answering these questions will help you build a promotional target profile, which is critical to your success.

What Delivery Method is Best: How are you going to get your branded promotional item to the correct person? It is easier to get your item in the hand of a dock worker than the president of the company. The correct delivery system will get your item in the hands of your ideal person.

What is Your Message: What is the ideal message you want to convey to the person who receives your promotional item? The message is as much about what is printed on the items as the item itself. If your message is not clear, your item will get lost in the clutter. The correct message will get you noticed, remembered and keep you and your company top of mind with your clients and prospects.

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