One of the challenges we are faced with because of COVID is we cannot do as much face to face as we used to. Fortunately, this has been rectified mostly by digital meetings, but what about larger gatherings? As businesses open back up again, things may be safe in smaller scales, but large gatherings of people, especially from all over the country or even the world are still going to be very limited for a while?

Expos and tradeshows are something most people in all industries are familiar with.  Most Expos and tradeshows are annual or semiannual events that give us opportunities to meet people from all over the country or world and collaborate, network with people and learn about new products and services and rediscover current products and serves we may have overlooked. How do we still get our message out to our clients and prospects until these trade shows reopen?

This is where the digital aspect comes in, create a digital presentation or your own personal tradeshow. Develop a digital version to showcase your products or services and reach out to your clients and prospects one on one. Making pitches is already a part of your process, turning them into digital pitches is a simple addition or tweak to the process. For those who are looking for new products and ideas this will allow them to stay current without leaving their offices. The digital world we live in gives us the ability to keep our clients and prospects up to date and remain connected with them. Those of us who take advantage of the technologies available to us will be all the better for it on the other side of this all.

To quote Jack Welch, “Technology will not replace people, however people who embrace technology will replace those who do not.”