Remember when you had to drive to go to meetings and calls and all of that? Guess what we don’t have to worry about that nearly as much anymore. While COVID-19 has brought a lot of things to a standstill we have the opportunity to take advantage of the digital world we live in and can just have conversations with people online! And the best part is the technology at our disposal makes these digital meetings almost as effective as an in person one!

Whether it’s for an interview, a cold call, a company meeting, or even a demo of some kind, we can do all of these different calls and appointments online. Even some doctors are doing this for certain appointments! But how do you replicate some of the things you would do in person and what other advantages might there be for an online call?

Screen sharing is a function that many of you are probably familiar with to some extent. This allows you to share with your client whatever it is you are looking at on your screen, or vice-versa. You can share anything from a PowerPoint to even a video with audio depending on the app you are using. This is one of the most common features across all the different kinds of apps used for online communication.

Another feature that has been becoming more common as of late is the ‘waiting room’ function. This function means that someone will not be able to directly dial into a meeting but rather dial into a waiting room and wait to be let in my either the host of the meeting or an administrator of the meeting. This function is a way to ensure your meeting will not randomly be interrupted by unexpected company, just like a lock on a door of a regular meeting room.

One newer and more interesting feature that is becoming more common is commonly referred to as ‘background changing’. This is a function where the user’s device detects a person’s face and then replaces the background behind them with an alternate image. This could be useful for when you want to keep a person from seeing things behind you, or simply just remove distractions that may be happening in the background that are out of your control. This technology is still being developed, for best results having a single-color sheet or screen behind you will improve results depending on the app you use.

Technology continues to be our friend in times like this, and while face to face meetings may not be a thing for now, digital technology continues to allow us to overcome some of the challenges we encounter in our world. Why climb the tall mountain when we can just drill through it?