Every day you hear about something being hacked – websites, personal information, bank accounts or medical records. But one area of fraud that does not seem to resonate is document forgery. This can include checks, redemption coupons, gift certificates, and prescription pads. Check fraud alone accounts for an estimated $15 billion in annual losses.

The use of the correct security papers and printed security features for check documents are critical. Using the correct security features in the design and production of checks will not only reduce your probability of being a victim of forgery, but it will also help to ensure you or your company are not held liable for any losses.

Banks and insurance companies can require security features, and potentially hold you responsible for any losses or damages if those requirements are not adhered to. The best practices for document security is layering overt and covert features into any document. Overt features are those that are apparent when the document is looked at, acting as a deterrent to forgers. Included in these level 1 security features are bleed through MICR numbering, foil stamping, step and repeat designs, foils and watermarks. More covert features are hidden and may require a black light or a magnifying glass to see. These level 2 features might be florescent fibers in the paper, chemically reactive papers, micro printed signature lines and boarders.

Partnering with a knowledgeable provider of secure documents is critical to protect your transactions and your assets. With over 25 years of experience of providing these products, The Northstar Group can help to assure your critical documents are secure. Contact us to learn how we can help.


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