Some have said that clothes make the man, just as that statement is true, they also help influence the culture of the work place. You are likely to see a noticeable difference in the culture of a work place that has everyone dressed up in suits versus a place where everyone is dressed more casually. While both settings are more than capable of hosting a professional work environment, one is more laid back and relaxed than the other for obvious reasons. It is because of this that it is said they these places hold different cultures in the work place. Just as important to consider, is the difference in behavior in each situation.

As previously stated, both of the different work cultures would nurture a professional attitude, but they would be different kinds of professional. A place that requests a suit and tie every day would be very formal in its culture, that is to say everything has a professional air about it. This is all well and good, but as more and more companies are discovering, it isn’t always what some might want. Consider the fact that not everyone may feel comfortable wearing a suit in tie, they might feel stuffed and will therefore not act as they typically would. To say someone looks out of place in a suit is not an incorrect thing to say sometimes. Comparatively, corporate casual clothes can help people to feel more comfortable while still encouraging proper workplace etiquette.

It should be important to note that a suit and tie dress code is in no way a negative thing whatsoever. It is more so the fact that the world is changing and that many things in life are becoming more relaxed. These changes impact many areas, including dress code in the work place.

What started with companies like Facebook and Google has been spreading to other companies. As more millennials join and move up the ranks in the workforce dress casual is more the norm than the exception in many companies. People are dressing in what they feel comfortable in, while still adhering to the dress policy of their workplace. As a result, they act more confident and themselves while working, either in a desk job or client facing job. What is important to remember is that even though dress code may be becoming more casual, this does not have a negative impact on corporate culture, in fact it can sometimes enhance it.