My sales professor in college use to say “If you want to get your message heard, how you say it is as important as what you are saying”. In other words “It’s all in the Packaging!”

A good promotional item can become a great promotional item by simply adding some packaging to it! You have so much more real-estate to add your marketing message and call to action. This simply gets you noticed and your message across before they open the box and take out your promotional item. If done properly every time you client or prospect picks up or sees your promotional time they will think of you, your company and your message.

Prospecting for new clients will no longer be a cold call. Sending out a useful item in a creative package to a prospect before making the call will set you apart from your competition and increase the chance of getting the appointment. Did you know that response rates for direct mail campaigns can increase by as much as 75% when coupled with an effective branded program?

At trades show people are walking through and picking up items and later looking at them at home or in their hotel room. A well-chosen item coupled with a clever designed box or package will help to get your message heard and remembered. Your prospects, or as I like to say, future customers will be more likely to visit your website, give you a call, or request more information.

With the cost of an average sales call at $150 to $450 per call you need to find a more efficient way to get your message across and in front of your prospects and clients. Better yet, wouldn’t it be great to have prospects and clients calling you!