In today’s world no one can be expected to be an expert in everything. You and your company are experts in the products and services your business provides. Your suppliers are experts in the products and services they supply. Companies need to leverage their top supplier’s technology to help reduce their operating costs and grow their bottom line.

You hear about this every day, but are you really doing it? Have you set a process in place to track supplier technical support and its transfer to your bottom line? Do you have meetings to cover orders, onetime deliveries, costs and technical support as well?

Technical support can mean a wide variety things; product expertise, online ordering, online product proofing, and product information just to mention a few. These resources do not come free and are usually included in the costs of the supplied products and services.

Set up a plan to meet with your top suppliers. Ask them what more they can do for you than they are doing now. If their answer is, “We can sell you more products,” move on. Locate a supplier that wants to take the time to understand you, your company, and your company’s goals. This supplier should also ask questions about what you think could be improved in your processes. They should identify and focus on the areas they can help improve to make your ordering process more efficient from product conception, to product delivery.

This plan may take some time to setup, but it will yield results. Allowing you, and your company, to compete and thrive in today’s business environment. Your competitors may already be doing this! Stay ahead of the curve!!!