Why do people line up hours ahead of time; regardless of weather, to be one of the first to get a new iPhone? Why do people like Coke over Pepsi or vice-versa? Why did people root for the Chicago Cubs for 108 years before they finally won a World Series? The answer is probably one you could guess rather quickly: Loyalty.

Loyalty as a concept should not be unfamiliar to anyone at all, the concept of which has been around almost as long as humanity has existed. But what about loyalty to a brand or symbol? In Ancient Rome, the Aquila; or Eagle, was a symbol of extreme importance. They were the symbols of the Roman Legionnaires and were carried into every battle fought. On the rare occasion one was lost, monumental efforts were made to recover them, the recovery of which was said to have an effect equivalent to that of a whole military victory.

So, what does this have to do with the Brands and Logos of today? None of us are certainly buying anything specifically because we fought for it. While most of these logos and brands may not have military significance, we as a species have evolved beyond seeing symbols as just something of military or religious importance. Think about your favorite sports team, or favorite place to buy a cup of coffee. Odds are that as you think about this, the symbol of associated with them also immediately comes to mind. This isn’t to say we root for something because they have a nice logo, but because we associate ourselves with it in some way. The stronger our association with that logo or brand, the more loyal we are to it.

While a sports team may be the most immediate way to show loyalty to a logo or brand, the same concept can be applied to a company as well. We have all seen apparel from software companies, banks, restaurants and theme parks being worn by everyday folks. Those companies have developed loyalty to their brand to the point where people make fashion statements with them. They associate with those brands the same way they do with their favorite team.

But how does a company earn this loyalty from their clients? Simple: Don’t be ordinary. And let people know who you are before you say or do anything. The biggest advantage we have when it comes to securing new clients is that we follow up our first impressions with continuous reliability. Which means we have the opportunity to influence that first interaction to make it memorable, and then follow through on it, you can do this as well! Wear it, own it.