Tracking a package either in the warehouse or while it is in transit has been a source of headaches. RFID technology eliminates this issue almost entirely, a computer tied to a warehouse scanner can identify specific item to a specific location immediately, no longer will someone have to go hunting for an item in a warehouse. It eases tracking woes by being scanned at different checkpoints and depending on the type of RFID chip being used, it can even provide specific up to date location information without needing to call up a shipping company or having to look for a tracking number.

The current standard method of tracking shipments uses barcodes and scanners, something most of us are familiar with. RFID technology simplifies the process by sending out a broad signal that registers when the signal into contact with an RFID chip, it does not need to be directly facing it and also does not need to be directly in front of it at a close range. This would allow for a faster scanning process saving time when receiving or sending out shipments of any size.

Barcodes can and have been effectively utilized as a method of tracking and logging shipments, but they are not without their flaws. Exposure to elements, malfunctioning scanners, an improperly set label, are just a some of the things can lead to an improper scan and thus an interruption of the work process. RFID eliminate this because each chip is assigned the specific data it carries digitally, and the signal that ‘activates’ the RFID to receive the data from it is not dependent on directly facing close to a scanner. The benefit of RFID is that it reduces the chance of errors in scanning and allows a more efficient process of receiving and shipping of packages. Some RFID tags can also be rewritten, allowing them to be used over and over reducing the costs of using these tags, however the true cost savings is in the ability to track and locate your inventory in quicker and more efficient manner. While scannable barcodes have long been the process to label packages and shipment, the time is fast approaching where barcodes will be entirely replaced by RFID chips.