With everything starting to open again you need to reach out to your clients and prospects. However, with not being able to meet with most clients in person how do you stay top of mind in you clients’ eye, but in a positive way?

Developing a promotional strategy is more important than ever! The correct promotional item packaged with a message will get your message across and keep you in the forefront of you client’s mind. But how and where do you start? Listed below is a simple plan to get thing started.

Step one: Determine what clients and prospects you want to target. Develop a list of who and where you plan on marketing to. Make sure you validate addressed, this scan be done by your supplier if they have access to mailing and shipping software. If they do not move on to someone who as this capability. Sending out items that get returned is a west of time and money and can cause issues of someone in a company receives your package and others do not.

Step two: Set a budget, this will help to determine the cost of the items you want to send out. Be honest on what you can afford. The cost will also help to choose the best item or items.

Step three: Determine the delivery method of the product. In todays world UPS might be the best option. With many people working from home, you will need to update their addressed as companies may not be forwarding packages coming in, to people’s home addresses. Also, will you or your supplier be the handling distribution?

Step four: Develop the message to go along with the promotional item. Is this to remind them you are still there? Is it something to help them drive revenue?  Your promotional item, the packaging and the message must stand out.

Step five: Choose a promotional item to brand and send out. You may choose one item to send to prospects and one to send to clients. You may choose multiple items to send out in a follow up campaign. You may choose to send different items for different clients.

Step six: Packaging is everything! Sending out the promotional item in a branded package is more often more important than the item you send out! The message on the promotional item is usually limited to your company name and contact information and maybe a brief message. The packaging allows you to deliver a very precise and compelling message of your benefit statement or why they should choose to do business with you over your competition.

Step seven: Set up a plan or process measure the ROI on your campaign. Remember you are spending capital and should expect a return on your investment.

Step eight: Set up a plant to follow up once the items are shipped. Getting back tracking information on shipments will allow you to determine when your items delivers to your clients and prospects. Knowing this will allow you to reach out to them after the package with you message arrives and opens up the door for you to offer to help out with any of their needs you product and service can fulfill.

Step nine: Execute your plan. Planning is great but planning without execution is pointless! Set up a timeline and a process to follow up!