It never fails. No matter how much I try to ignore it, I always seem to come back to it every year around this time. As I jump around the internet, I find myself stopping to read posts about predictions and trends for the New Year. What is it about these articles that keep “Sucking Me In” every year? Is it their catchy titles? Is it my competiveness? Or, is it my yearning for knowledge of the future? (Which I blame my love of Science Fiction for that one.) Honestly, it is probably “All of the above.” But then again, I always do seem to find a few tidbits that change my outlook on how to approach things in the New Year. And, not unlike any other year, I have found a few for 2019 that seemed to stand out above the rest. So, I thought I would share some with you.

Know your Customer’s Communication Preferences

This is not new. But, it is becoming more important than ever. Your customer’s attention span is growing shorter. They have formed habits on where they look for information and entertainment. They read emails, they look to social media for news, and they go to events. All of these offer you time and spaces to get your product or services into view. But, your content needs to grab their interest enough for them to take notice. And…You need to be sure not to overdo it. (Remember…Right Place, Right Time, and Right Medium.)

Be Creative. And, Use All of the Different Channels of Marketing

The past few years, everyone has been preaching “Go Digital, Print is Dead…” Print is not dead; it is very much alive and thriving. In fact, the recent trend of going digital has alleviated the overburden of delivered printed marketing collateral. Now, this does not mean to go back to the “Spray and Pray” way of marketing. It means the door has re-opened to more receptive personalized marketing pieces being delivered. Integrating digital advertising with other platforms such as print, gives marketers the opportunity to develop innovative ways of heightening consumer engagement.

Account-Based Marketing

ABM is marketing to individual accounts, existing or prospective, and treating them like they are their very own market. Think of it like a One on One marketing campaign that is personalized and targeted only to that account.

United We Stand

The “walls” between departments are coming down. Companies are gaining more success from internal departments that work together, rather than traditionally separated. Things like content creation are now not just the concern of the marketing department. Great content now stands to fuel other parts of the company, driving a more unified “voice” for its brand.

Automation and Technology are Great, but…

Automation and Technology help marketers scale more effectively, make better decisions, and save money. But, they can also cost you something more important than money and time. Relationships and trust are being lost while companies are too focused on the technology side alone. Companies need to remain true to the relationships and trust they have built with their clients and customers. After all, what good is automation and technology if you don’t have any clients or customers left to use it with?

Connected Data

Data is power, but many companies are finding that non-integrated systems and data siloing are diminishing its potential. The challenge is getting to the data and using it. Integrating sales and marketing platforms can assist in retrieving some of this data. And, some companies are also re-thinking data siloing all together in order release data access to multiple departments as opposed to just one.

These are just a few tidbits of information I found interesting. And again, I have a new outlook for this year. Thanks for taking the time to read, and have a Happy New Year!


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