How many followers do you have on Twitter? How many on Facebook? What about connections on LinkedIn?

If you are wishing you had more, think about this before wishing for thousands of fans and followers. While it may seem nice to have the largest fan base in the world, and knowing that your posts, tweets, and notifications are popping up on many newsfeeds, remember that you’re company is not a television station that gets paid based on how many views you receive.

You need to transform your fans into clients.

Since web based marketing is all about reaching out to people and gathering real time data for your company in order to make relationships, it would be in your company’s better interests to have a fan base that you can actually keep up with.

In order to do this, ensure that all your posts are specific to what your business provides. In doing this you will be able to actually socialize with your fan base and serve clients who are interested in a long relationship instead of one job.

Remember, in every business model your can make a sale, however, if you take the time to understand what your client’s needs and communicate with them through Social Media, you are creating brand awareness and creating relationships at the same time.