Apparel has morphed over the years; this includes the fabrics to make the clothing. No longer are garments 100% cotton or polyester. The introductions of moisture management shirts, jackets, and pants have brought in a new age of apparel. It is critical to make any apparel items purchase meet the need of the intended use. Is the shirt to be used for golf, exercise or for work in the field? These questions need to be asked.

Different fabrics yield different results. Moisture management garments are designed to wick moisture and perspiration away for the body and expel it into the atmosphere away form the garment. Cotton is designed to breath and keep one cool. Fire retardant fabrics are intended to keep the person wearing the item safe form fire or sparks as a result of welding or fire prevention. Hi-Vis apparel is designed to have people be seen and kept safe; hence the Hi-Vis vest a construction worker is wearing during road construction. Now shirts and hats are even offering UV protection.

As different products yield different benefits and they also require different forms of decoration for banding. The correct threads for embroidery, inks for silk screening and heat transfers are critical for a shirt, jacket, or hat to have the desired impact. Every year there are innovations in the decoration technology to keep up with the ever-changing fabrics.

But how the garment is cared for is just as important. Moisture management apparel should not have fabric softener or dryer sheets used in laundering as these items will clog the pores of the fabric resulting in the any moisture and perspiration being retained in the fabric. As a result, it will hold the moisture and odor in the item until laundered again. Even 100% cotton comes in preshrunk sizes and can be washed differently than 100% cotton items that are not preshrunk. An important thing to be considered during choosing the sizing of the items being ordered. These simple instructions for care are listed on the tags on the garments as well as the tags attached to them when the arrive to you newly decorated.

Taking a moment to review these instructions for care will keep then new shirt, jacket, hat, or paints looking new for a lot longer. Coupled with making sure the apparel item chosen truly meets the needs for the intended use will ensure any branded apparel program will have greater success. It is your brand make sure is it presented properly and looks good every time itis i worn.