There are moments or events in one’s life that leave a permanent impact or cause a permanent change in their life. There are even fewer moments or events that leave an impact or change on EVERYONE’s life. But COVID-19 is one of these events and one has to wonder just how things may change when all is said and done and the answer is simple: technology. Our biggest asset throughout this global trial has been our link to technology, whether it’s used to map out the impact of the outbreak, or simply keep us together through cyber space. This and other similar technologies have been one of the positives to come out of this lock down.

While it was already commonplace, well before COVID became known, digital face to face communication has become much more meaningful and used during lockdowns. It has always helped to keep friendships strong over great distances. But now this technology is being used for much more than that, businesses have been using these digital face-to-face technologies to keep their businesses operational. From launching new product lines to making virtual sales calls and setting up team conferences, businesses are up and running. Mastering these technologies to compete in the new digital age of sale and marketing as well as managing a team working remotely will be critical to success and survival as we move into the new post CCOVID 19 world.

A key thing to remember with all of this is that even if one doesn’t fully understand all the aspects that go into a more digitally run business, the resources are out there for one to learn. Online instructional videos for various tech applications were already commonplace long before the lockdown began, and more sources have continued to come out since the lockdown began. Anyone can acquire an understanding and skills to work in this ever-changing digital world. The earlier one starts this process, the bigger advantage they will get once the world begins to open up again.