Anyone who has seen even a few seconds of Mad Men knows that Don Draper typically wears a suit and tie if he isn’t in bed, that’s just how it was back then. But as entertaining as that was, that depicts a time where unless you worked in the factory, men typically had to wear a suit and women a dress. It was to be expected of people, take a look at how people used to fly then compared to now. Plenty of people will step on a plane wearing comfy clothes for a long flight, if they tried that back then they’d have been stared at and then promptly kicked off the plane.

While plenty of job positions still necessitate a suit and tie or dress nowadays, the stigma surrounding other clothes in the work place is significantly less. Odds are if you are not in a client facing job, the clothes you wear will be far less scrutinized. While appearance may still be important another aspect that has been considered more and more nowadays is comfort. This means less heels and more regular shoes and boots. I certainly would not require women to wear heels all the time if I was making the rules, and thankfully many employers do not require this of women either.

So where does it go from here then? The old generation is slowly but surely making its way out of the work force and the younger generation is taking their place. As this continues to occur, the dress code will continue to evolve and become more generalized. That is to say that the rules will become less and less strict, and people need to make sure they are aware of this and keep up with the changing trends and times.