Imagine the scene: You are attending a business conference and you hit it off with a potential new customer. You are about to leave and hand them a business card. How does that business card look? Does it represent your brand? Is it clean? Is it up with the times?

Your business card is still a physical representation of your services for prospective clients to take home after meeting you. You want to leave a good lasting impression.

No one wants to see a poorly designed business card that doesn’t stick with your standards or what you are offering for your clients.

So if you have not updated your business card if a few years take this into consideration:

  • Are your logo and layout really working for you? Once you have established a logo, you do not want to completely change it, however, there are ways to modernize it.
  • Is it clean? If your business card is too busy with too much information on it, your clients could discard it because they do not know where to look first. Make sure the layout makes sense, and make sure you are capturing there attention.
  • Is the design timeless? The best way to avoid having to redo your business card again and again is to keep it simple and use designs that will still be acceptable in a few years.


It is so easy to allow your business cards to become outdated, but if you want your business card to stand out, you need to make sure your design is up to date so you are worth remembering.