As companies start to reopen, how do we let our returning team members know they will be safe and welcome them back. Feeling safe, appreciated, and needed is important to your team. Most companies have set up social distancing standards, hand sanitation protocols and a list of safety guidelines. As business owners and managers, we need to do more!

As people return to the office and their desks a simple welcome back package of safety items will return dividends. Picture a branded package with a welcome back message from the company. A branded coffee mug for safety. Branded face masks to prevent the spread and contraction of COVID.  A safety tool with your logo on it for pushing elevator buttons, opening doors, and operating kiosks. These simple and cost-effective items will increase efficiency and help to prevent the spread of disease. Happy and safe employees can focus on their tasks at hand and as a result deliver increased productivity and profits to the bottom line.

Let them know it is great to have them back and they are SAFE!!!