Your logo is a great way to spread brand awareness, and every company would love to have their clients recognize their logo on sight. While this is the goal, there are times when you should not place your logo on your promotional items.

The way you present yourself to your clients and potential clients can make or break your marketing plan. Think about it this way, you wouldn’t introduce yourself to potential clients without looking professional and put together, so why would you hand out poorly designed promotional items where you squeezed, stretched or distorted your logo just so you could place it on a promotional item. It will not look professional, and this is an example of bad design practices.

If your logo does not fit, there are other ways to represent your brand.

Next to your logo, the next best thing to put in your imprint area is your email and web address. These still list your company name, and you have also provided a point of contact.

Another alternative to placing your full logo on a promotional item is to place an icon in the imprint space that your clients would still recognize. This works best when the icon is a part of your logo and can stand alone.

For example, instead of using the long Northstar logo, the Northstar N could be used in its place because it is associated with the brand.

Furthermore, if you are seeking design help for your promotions to represent your brand in the most professional way as possible while also still remaining true to your company’s standards, Northstar’s design team is here to help with all your marketing and promotional endeavors.