As summer nears, and our restrictions begin to hopefully lift on being stuck inside, one may wonder how things have changed after all of this. Suffice it to say that no matter how you look at it, the world we step back out into after this will be very different than when the lock downs began. People may look sideways at someone because they coughed, but we will get over that eventually. But how should you do things differently now? Let’s take a look at some things that will have changed when we all finally step outside again.

The most noticeable change will be in jobs that have a mostly digital element to it. There is a very good chance that many jobs will now be able to done at least part time from home, thus limiting what a business may need to physically support in a building. Another aspect about work that may change again is for those who have someone at home, such as kids or a pet, who have suddenly gotten used to you being around a lot more and may wonder why things have changed again. This is especially true for pets who may become anxious upon seeing you leave after being there for so long. Consider taking some time to get them used to the idea of you being gone during the day again.

Going back to the topic of physically going back to work, things will likely be different at work as well. People will be less likely to go out for lunch, rather opting to bring their own lunch in to avoid going other places. Communal coffee pots will likely no longer be used, with everyone preferring to make their cup of coffee being seen as a safer method, the good news with this means you don’t have to worry about someone ruining a pot of coffee by making it too strong or weak.  You will likely see office spaces more spread out, putting more distance between people, but it is important to remember that while these changes will be jarring, you will likely find yourself happy to be back in the office. While working from home has its perks and many may still switch between coming in and working from home, you cannot replicate the culture and social interactions of the office in your own house, your pets and kids do not make for those kinds of substitutes.

Digital changes will likely continue to influence the work environment as well, you can easily expect many more meetings to occur via an online method rather than a face to face meeting. Even if a face to face meeting does occur, don’t be surprised if people stop trying to shake your hand, don’t worry it won’t be anything against you, it is simply just one of the many health practices we have picked up in our time in lock down.

Speaking of one’s health, another to consider is your health and safety, this isn’t something you should get scared over or anything. Much more strict health practices have been put in place and will continue to be put in place after this is over. You may even find yourself going outdoors to exercise by jogging or working out at home as opposed to going to a gym, so that expensive membership may not be needed anymore! The best thing you can for yourself is simply keep up the habits you began when the lock downs first started. This will pass, but in no way will this be the last time something like this happens, but do not let that make you afraid to go outside. There is much we have missed these last few months, and soon it will be time to go out and make up for all that lost time.