Picture of 4 Color Process Printer Running

Printed Products

We think a great deal about your printed collateral. It's not just about color anymore, but about data and color. Data drives all aspects of marketing, and our team gets that; from graphic design to print production, your data will make your collateral relevant, not just visually pleasing.
Picture of 4 different colored Water Bottles

Promotional Items

Want to build quality and value into your brand? Truly market your brand? It's not enough to hand out promotional products and call it marketing. We help you consider all aspects of branding, from events to long term brand-building strategies using quality branded promotional products.
Graphic of a laptop with a tree of different types of communication paths growing out from it

Cross Media Marketing

Cross Media Marketing helps you take your existing data and build more of it. Your clients would love to hear from you if your message is of value and it's conveyed in a method that they prefer. We'll help you make sure that the message you send is the message your clients want.
Picture of Business Cards, Postcards, and Letterhead representing a unified branding theme

Branding & Design

Every phase of marketing, whether print or electronic, must uphold your brand's image in order to be recognizable. Your brand's design is present in every piece of marketing and is oftentimes the first thing your client sees. We are here to help your brand achieve its' full potential.


Our main goal is to drive your revenue and help you choose the right marketing avenues to reach your clients.


Are you selling a certain lifestyle, a rewarding experience, or profit growth? Our job is to show how your brand will improve your client's lives.


Every market is different, and Northstar will help you reach out to your clients in the most effective way to give your clients what they need.


You could have the best marketing plan in the world, but your brand's success relies on your delivery. A quality delivery will ensure your clients remember you.